Egg & Bacon Breakfast Hand Pie

Egg & Bacon Breakfast Hand Pie


Net wt 9.2 oz (260.82 g)
Egg, Plath’s bacon, spinach, & leeks in a rich cream sauce, all inside a buttery crust.

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Flour, butter, half and half, egg, bacon, leeks, spinach, cornstarch, salt, pepper, mustard, spices.

Our frozen hand pies are fully cooked. Just pop them into the oven for 30 minutes.

What is a hand pie?

Our hand pies are like Scottish or Aussie-style meat pies – we’ve just gotten a little more creative and gourmet with the filling. They are not runny inside like a pot-pie, and they are not dry like a pasty. Our hand pies contain the main ingredients in a thick rich gravy, all inside a buttery crust.

Additional information
Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in

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When we ship

We ship pies on the third Wednesday of each month. Because we need to pre-order the dry ice for shipping the pies, we must receive your order one week prior to our ship dates.

Order by Aug 12 / ships Aug 19
No shipments in September
Order by Oct 14 / ships Oct 21
Order by Nov 11 / ships Nov 18
Order by Dec 9 / ships Dec 16

How we ship

We overnight ship the frozen pies with dry ice.

For those in Michigan, UPS Ground provides overnight delivery – that will be your shipping option in checkout.

For those outside of Michigan, unfortunately overnight shipping is expensive, but we can’t risk your pies getting spoiled during shipping.

Please note that Hand Pie orders are separate from Harwood Gold maple product orders. We don’t want you to have to pay overnight shipping costs on maple syrup orders. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Receiving your order

Unpack and put the pies into the freezer or refrigerator as soon as possible. They may have slightly thawed in transit, but they are fine as long as they still feel cold.

Keep them frozen until ready to eat. They’ll be good for up to a year in your freezer. The pies are fully cooked, and you’ll find the re-heating instructions on the pie wrappers.